We would like to express our deep gratitude to the Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation (JEDCO) for their generous support and valuable contribution in developing our production line.Through the grant provided to us by JEDCO, we were able to convert our production line to operate on gas instead of diesel fossil fuel. This has greatly contributed to the development of our cat litter product and helped preserve the surrounding environment.

This significant step to improve our production method has not only impacted the quality of our product but also contributed to environmental conservation.By using gas as an alternative fuel, harmful emissions and particulate matter have been reduced, enhancing the health of the environment and maintaining air quality.

We appreciate your cooperation and dedication in supporting our project and enabling us to implement this important transformation.With your generous support, we have been able to innovate and continuously improve, resulting in the enhancement of our product quality and better meeting the needs of our customers.

Your efforts and commitment to promoting economic development and environmental care are invaluable, and we are grateful for your continuous support and the trust you have placed in us.We look forward to a bright future together and hope for further collaboration and partnership in future projects.

Thank you to the Jordanian Institution for Economic Development Projects (JEDCO), and thank you all for your outstanding efforts and valuable support.