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لا توجد منتجات في سلة المشتريات.

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Quality Assurance Program on the PetMoon.

We are planning to implement a user-friendly process that allows our customers to provide feedback and request refunds directly through our website. This process will involve the use of QR codes and a simplified online form. Here is a brief overview of the plan: Each product package will include a Quality Assurance card with clear…

First company to manufacture pet products

تفخر شركة بتمون لمنتجات الحيونات الأليفة بأن تقدم نفسها كأول شركة لتصنيع منتجات حيونات اليفة في الاردن , كل الشكر والتقدير لكل من وقف الى جانبنا لتحقيق هاذا الانجاز الاردني المتميز

رسالة شكر لشركة JEDCO

We would like to express our deep gratitude to the Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation (JEDCO) for their generous support and valuable contribution in developing our production line.Through the grant provided to us by JEDCO, we were able to convert our production line to operate on gas instead of diesel fossil fuel. This has greatly contributed…

طعام قطط جديد

Petmoon announces the launch of the new wet cat food, which is distinguished by its delicious and unique flavor. Petmoon wet food has been designed with the utmost care to meet the needs of your precious cats. This product contains a range of natural proteins and important nutrients that promote the health of your cats….


Get ready to see our cat litter products at Zoomark International 2023. Come visit our booth and witness the innovation behind our eco-friendly, odor-controlling litter that your customers will love. Discover how our products can benefit your business and improve the lives of pets everywhere. Don’t miss out!

عميل في المملكة العربية السعودية

We are glad to announce that our products are on their way to satisfy another client in KSA

اخبار حماسية!

PetMoon is exporting a new shipment of high-quality cat litter to Libya! We are now looking for reliable importers and distributors in all countries to join our global network. Contact us to learn more!