The company was established in 1980's as „Aquarium Poland”. It started with breeding and exporting ornamental fish. In 1988 we extended our scope with importing items for pets. In 1992 we opened the production of high-quality foods under the brand called Vitapol, where vita stands for life and pol stands for Poland. In 1994 we have started the cooperation with the German company Trixie. Between 1996 and 1997 we became a direct importer of dog chewing toys from Far East. Right after that we started cooperation with Interquell – manufacturer of Happy Dog And Happy Cat brands. In 2005 we became the exclusive distributor of Trixie. In the same year we also introduced a new brand called Lolo Pets that was intended for selling to supermarkets. In 2009 we also created another brand - “Lolo Pets Classic”. This brand includes cat litter, pond fish food, snacks, bakery products for dogs and accessories for dogs and cats. Since 2013 we became the exclusive distributor for Sanicat, Sanidog and Sanibird brands for Poland. We are not stopping there - constant development places us among the biggest importers of pet products in Poland. During 21 years of its history our company has experienced multiple reconstructions that helped us to adjust our offer to the ever changing market requirements. We are constantly changing and updating recipes of our products to satisfy our customer needs, therefore we are consistently creating new brands and extending our product range. In the past we were distributing many other brands: JBL, Sera, Hunter, Dupla, Astra, Europet, Vitakraft, Gimborn or Hagen, to name some of them. We don't cooperate with them anymore, but as a matter of fact, it didn't make our situation any worse – it actually made our position stronger. Because of that we have very strong, long-term and good partnership with Trixie, and we are trying to achieve the same level of cooperation with other partners – because we fundamentally believe that it is the best way of doing business.